Saturday, February 28, 2009

Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science

I've been putting off blogging until my camera USB cord arrives, because it's more interesting with pictures. It is, however, taking its sweet time, so I better write before I forget, and illustrate afterwards. (Updated: obviously, it's arrived, hence, pictures).

So, Lawrence Hall of Science.

On the minus side:
  • It's a bit expensive and has no discounts like AAA
  • It's a bit far for a regular trip, and unlike CA Academy of Sciences, there's nothing else around there.
  • The cafe food is bleh.

    On the plus side:
  • Very well designed for young children
  • Dynamic: exhibitions change often
  • Inside and outside play/exploration areas
  • Great view of the bay and the bridge

    We started off exploring the "free" areas next to admissions booth. The kids are too young to really understand the math games, but they liked manipulating the objects. I tried to get my oldest L. (3.6 years) interested in the Towers of Hanoi; he could understand the rules, but apparently not the solution. Still, it was fun for a bit to see him grapple with it. Then we played a bit in the toddler area with its soft construction blocks, pyramid mirror, and the wall track for little balls.

    We spent quite a bit of time outside, with L. exploring the stream and throwing things in the water to see them flow, and with A. (2.1 years) excavating with two shovels. L. found a stick, first pretending it's his tail, and then, his weapon.

    Then we went back inside to explore the water play area which shows various uses and effects of water, huge rotating Earth, and new exhibition of Grossology (excellently produced).

    At 12:30, we left for Mezze in Oakland. Pretty good food, although smaller portions than we were expecting and brunch menu as opposed to lunch I was expecting. We ordered a burger, a smoked salmon and bagel plate, two scrambled eggs on the side, and a chocolate croissant pudding. We shared everything as always. The pudding turned out to have a bit of alcohol in it, marking this the second time we gave them alcohol (inadvertently, obviously).

    Then we walked back to the car and played in the playground right next to it (a block away from the restaurant).

    Drove home. Good day.
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