Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Picking mushrooms

We have a fantastic set of wooden mushrooms. As part of my plan to feature one toy a day in some specific way, so they don't end up playing with the same one or two toys in the same one or two ways, we did the following tonight. Right after I finished my work, set the table, and right before the kids came home for dinner, I ran into our garage to get:
- two baskets
- a whole bunch of non-transparent containers, from sour cream, ice cream, cottage cheese
(yes, I'm a pack rat)
I threw the mushrooms on the floor and placed the containers over the mushrooms and next to them. This took about 5 minutes.

After we finished dinner (of course, my oldest peeked a bit, even though we asked him not to; he came running and very surprised: "Look, I found a mushroom!"), we went "picking mushrooms". I gave each boy a basket, the 3.5-year-old L. got it right away, but I had to help my 2-year-old A. to understand about picking up a container, looking to see if something was there, trying another one, etc. All in all, a good bit of fun, although very short (5 minutes probably). L. continued to play with mushrooms for the rest of the evening, dumping them out and collecting them again from the floor, cooking them, trying to feed my husband the Amanita muscaria (he knows it's poisonous), and so on.

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