Monday, March 2, 2009

Organizing the fridge

Cooking for working family is tough. The worst-case scenario (for me, at least) is deciding on what's for dinner and cooking every single evening. Who has time for that? One day I'll post about my once-a-month cooking, but for now, here's how I try to organize the fridge. Because most of our meals are in the freezer until needed and I don't really cook much between the big cooking days, the fridge is fairly empty. So I take plastic containers, put the day's worth of food in them, and label it. Generally, I can do it only for 2-3 days worth of food. This labeling serves two purposes: 1) I don't have to think about it every day, and, more importantly, 2) The food is less likely to get lost in the fridge and go bad. Inside each plastic container, there usually are smaller containers or Ziploc bags that are labeled 'breakfast', 'lunch', and 'dinner'. If needed, I also write something like 'add tomato salad' or 'add mayo'. I use masking tape and a Sharpie to do the labeling.

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