Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pirozhki, Attempt 2

Since today is Wednesday aka music-lesson-instead-of-dinner day, it also means "cook-something-we-can-eat-in-the-car-on-the-way-there" day.

I tried two more pirozhki fillings:
1) canned salmon, scallions, and boiled eggs
2) boiled chicken, fried onion, celery, and butter

I also replaced half of the flour with whole wheat flour (didn't rise as high, of course)

Fish came out pretty tasty, albeit not cohesive (once you bite it, you have to watch it because the filling easily falls out). Chicken ones I froze, so we'll discover how it tastes next time.

I also tried to make "ponchiki" (a bit like donuts) by deep frying the remaining dough in oil. Well, that was a fiasco. a) I burnt my finger. b) ponchiki didn't cook all the way through. c) since I don't use a lot of sugar, they tasted more like dinner rolls, rather than dessert. Oh well, they're not that healthy anyway.

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