Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reality vs. plan - Mar.8

Reality vs. plan report (see posts below for plan for today).

Completely dropped the ball in terms of checking the hours for Silliman Aquatic Center. As we set out in our car toward Newark, it occurred to me to check. Well, hah, they were already closed. Thankfully, my 3.6-yr-old A. is already old enough to be able to understand my explanation without throwing a huge tantrum. So, instead we went to the Valley Fair mall to buy shoes. Of course, the mall was closing up too when we got there (duh, Sunday). My patient children got back into the car and off we went to the Santana Row. There, finally, we walked around, listened to the free concert, and read some books in Borders.

Verdict: check and re-check opening hours.

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