Friday, March 13, 2009

Playdate invitations

Whenever my oldest son L. (3.7-yr-old) wants to invite someone over to a playdate, I make him "write" an actual invitation. I print out two pages, one black and white simple text with some spaces left for pictures and second with color pictures. L. cuts out the color pictures and glues them into the appropriate space in the text. Then he signs the letter with his name. Of course, at this stage I guide his hand on 70-80% of this task (his fine motor skills suck). Still, both he and the kid he gives the invitation to get very excited and form a closer bond just by the simple act of such a formal invitation.

On another note, after my huge cooking day, I had just a few chicken breasts left over, so I decided to experiment (I obviously don't experiment with dishes I cook in bulk). I had some apples almost rotting away, so the Braised Chicken with Apples and Sage recipe from Epicurious came in handy. My modifications: used only 3 chicken breast halves and left the same amount of all other ingredients, except brown sugar (I added just a touch less), added a bit of lemon zest and parsley, used dry sage instead of fresh, and served with wild rice. It wasn't sensational, but a great solid dish to add to the variety.

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