Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend plans, Mar. 14 and 15

Our weekend plans with kids (2.2 and 3.7 year old A. & L.), report on how they matched up with reality afterwards.

07:00-09:00 slow morning: wake them early (to enable early nap), get them dressed, make pancakes with them
09:00-10:30 watch Dumbo (for the first time!)
10:30-11:00 pack the gift & cherry pirozhki, drive to Shoreline Lake
11:00-12:30 celebrate daycare classmate's birthday
12:30-13:00 drive home
13:00-13:30 read books to both upstairs
13:30-15:45 nap time, no snack afterwards (will at jigsaw java)!
15:45-16:15 drive to Angelica's Bistro (863 Main Street, Redwood City)
16:15-18:00 walk to Jigsaw Java (0.1mi, 846 Main St.) (if doesn't work out or when closes, Barnes & Noble Booksellers (0.3mi, 1091 El Camino Real), Slavic Bookstore (0.6mi))
18:00-18:30 walk back to Angelica's Bistro
18:30-20:30 flamenco show & dinner *
20:30-21:00 drive back
21:00-21:15 sleep right away
21:15-23:00 parents' "free" time

07:30-08:00 get up, get dressed, get breakfast to go
08:00-09:00 drive to SF, listen to audio books
09:00-10:00 get in line for CA Academy of Sciences
10:00-13:00 get into the museum, get planetarium tickets and reserve restaurant right away, explore the museum
13:00-14:00 drive home
14:00-16:00 nap time
16:00-17:30 go to Ortega park, play ball
17:30-18:30 get back home, set table together, make salad
18:30-19:00 dinner
19:00-19:15 tonight's activity: math
19:15-19:35 tonight's toy: little people (try these activities)
19:35-19:45 clean up
19:45-20:00 watch cartoon, change into pjs, clean teeth; put A. in bed
20:00-20:30 read to L., put him in bed
20:30-23:00 parents' "free" time

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